Waste [Single]

Releases March 29 on all streaming platforms

Twen’s debut record (due out via Frenchkiss Records 2019) is a time capsule of their music on and off the road, two years in the making. Their first single off the album, ‘Waste’ is a microcosm of what’s to come, a swirl of light and dark in a pop inspired cone. Enigmatic phrases and doubts fall away to Fitzsimmons shouting in a sparse void;

“I make you wanna be someone. I make you want to waste it, I make you wanna waste some time.”,

questioning whether she’s addressing you or if it’s the voice inside your own head; keys change and moods ebb and flow until finally leading to the last resounding chorus, a triumphant hymn of released habits and racing thoughts. 'Waste' somehow manages a reflective solemness while remaining cavalier; an unyielding optimism in spite of the weight we carry on our shoulders. With the track now serving as their digital flag, it's a compressed promise of the joyous energy that awaits in their debut record to come.