Awestruck [Debut Album]

Released via Frenchkiss Records 2019

Twen’s debut record is a time capsule of their music on and off the road, two years in the making.

"Awestruck is one of those debut albums that will signal the arrival of some major new talents. It’s a bold, interesting and majorly catchy statement from a band that will surely be spoken about in high regard for years to come. Twen have taken the indie rock genre and made something uniquely their own."

Northern Transmissions

"After thrusting themselves to the limits over the past two years, Twen is about to release what could be one of the best albums this year... Recorded in various locations, the duo exhibit a level of maturity and progression within their sound."

Off Shelf

"...fuzzy dream-pop flumes that submerged her vocals in thick waves of shoegaze guitar. “Awestruck” is a more formal introduction, the pair polishing up numbers like sun-drenched “Damsel” and the more hushed “Holy River” without abandoning the scrappy DIY ethos that’s brought them this far."

Boston Globe

"The dichotomy of [Twen] really rests in Jane’s vocals, which are playful in the way she tosses her voice around at the end of phrases but grounded in tone, drive, and intention. This is mirrored in the carefully-arranged and executed reverb-heavy guitar lines, which have fleeting moments of 00’s indie-rock nostalgia."

Alt Citizen

"Twen might as well have been launched from a cannon... Their music captures that sense of perpetual motion on songs with restless energy... In fact, they try on a bunch of musical guises on 'Awestruck,' which shows a penchant for oblique lyrics that Fitzsimmons makes intentionally hard to discern, and effects-treated guitars."

Paste Magazine